Support children for their future

We help children's smile to have a better life

Provides ongoing support

While focusing on the growth of children in need of assistance, the Ripple Alpha Association provides ongoing support activities such as education, health, food. and emergency assistance for the entire area where children live, and supports the harsh local communities.

Change the lives of children

Break the vicious circle of poverty and change the lives of children.

Support children around the world

Worldwide, approximately 250 million children (1 in 9 children) live in countries and regions affected by armed conflict. Many people are at risk of life and are forced to evacuate from their country of origin or region. Currently, about 65.6 million refugees and displaced people, the largest number since World War II, are wandering around the worid. About 28 million of them are children, facing a hopeless future in a protracted crisis. Problems such as poverty, conflict, and disasters hinder the healthy growth of children. The Ripple Alpha Association is working to solve the problems children have in their daily lives!

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