Ripple Alpha Association

Our mission is to use this digital currency all over the world, through
the construction of a simble global currency and financial infrastructure.
Association partners are encouraged to promote
economic inclusions to achieve their inission

Ripple Alpha is a centralized virtual currency and is based on a transparent management entity. “Ripple Alpha Association’ will secure operating funds by releasing it to the market slowly each year and the Ripple Alpha Association does not require constant sales activities.

The Ripple Alpha Association is managed and overseen by the Association Partners.. By working with Ripple Alpha Association and partners, we will increase the number of association partners and strengthen governance, aiming to grow the network and to become a global organization.



Settle small amounts from any where in the world.


As the network grows, we will increase the number of Ripple Alpha Association partners and strengthen our management to become a global organization.

Ripple Alpha Association will be established in 7 regions within 3 years, to achieve globalization. The region is distributed across seven associations in Asia Oceania, China, Russia, Europe, America / Canada, Latin America and Africa. 

Ripple Alpha Association Partners Role

The Ripple Alpha Association will work with its association partners to achieve Ripple Alpha’s mission. The purpose is to apply this operating policy appropriately, strengthen, governance, and continuously disclose the value of Ripple Alpha and distribute it to the market

Group 2350

New Association Partners

New sign-ups for partners will require at least a third of the votes earned.
If requested to join, all association partners will vote

Group 2351

Expansion of Association Partners

Ripple Alpha's global expansion, will be through extensive recruitment of Ripple Alpha Association partners

Removal Partners

Partners removed by majority vote if association partner does not conform to eligibility standard

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