Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Association shall, from the individual members registered with the Association, submit their name, date of birth, address, e-mail address, telephone number, occupation, organization name, passport description, driver license description, When personal information such as the service content of the application is received, the following measures are taken to protect it.

The Association will comply with laws and regulations and other rules regarding personal information, and will take the care of good managers to protect the personal information of individual members.

The Association will handle personal information of individual members properly within the scope of the following purposes.

・ Identity verification.
・ Notification, change, suspension, cancellation of services provided by the Association, and other matters related to the services of the Association.
・ Information about our association, announcement of events, etc.
・ Improvement of our services and development of new services.
・ Information about Ripple Alpha.
・ Response and investigation in the event of fraudulent or other incidents or accidents relating to Ripple Alpha.
・ Respond to inquiries and consultations.
The Association, in order to properly handle the personal information of individual members, strives to improve internal rules and internal management systems, educate staff and employees, and to gain unauthorized access to personal information, loss, falsification, We will strive to protect personal information by taking appropriate measures to prevent destruction and leakage, and by continuing to review it.

The Association may deposit or share the personal information of individual members with our subcontractors or affiliates in order to achieve the above purpose of use. In that case, we will select a company with sufficient protection of personal information and take necessary and appropriate measures such as concluding a personal information protection contract. If there is a request for disclosure from a public organization such as a court or investigative organization based on laws and regulations, it may be provided to the relevant public organization.

Individual members who wish to disclose or change their personal information should contact the following e-mail address of the association. If it is confirmed that the request is from the person, we will respond in a reasonable timely manner. Depending on your request, you may be charged a considerable administrative fee.

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The Association may revise its privacy policy to protect the personal information of individual members and to respond to changes in laws and regulations. In that case, we will inform you on our homepage.

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